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Pamacari boat cruising Amazon River near Iquitos

The Jungle

Peru's Jungle covers 60% of the country, second only to Brazil's Amazon rainforest. Yet, only 5% of Peruvians reside here. With warm weather, average temp of 28°C, over 75% humidity, and 260 cm rainfall, it spans highland (Selva Alta) and lowland (Selva Baja) areas. Originating from Andean mountains, powerful rivers, including the Amazon, flow through. Peru's Amazon is highly biodiverse, boasting abundant bird and mammal species, insects, and diverse flora. Indigenous peoples like Aguaruna, Bora, Cocama-Cocamilla, Urarina, and Yahua call this jungle home.

Pacaya-Samiria, Peru's second largest protected area after Tambopata-Candamo, spans over two million hectares...With 1000+ animal species and 965+ wild plants, it's a paradise for nature lovers. Indigenous communities and oxbow lakes like El Dorado thrive, supporting experiential tourism.

Riverside girl baddling canoe in an oxbow lake


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