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The Coast

Desert Strips, Vibrant Cities, and Natural Wonders. The Pacific-bordering coast spans from Tumbes in the north, near Ecuador, to Tacna in the south, by Chile. Occupying a mere tenth of Peru's land, it teems with over half the population, including bustling hubs like Lima, Trujillo, Chiclayo, and Piura. Beyond thriving commerce, this coastal gem entices with unique mangroves, pristine beaches, and epic surf spots. Historical relics and thrilling sandboarding on high-dune deserts add to its allure.



Peru's coastal region is a gem of desert strips, rich history, and natural marvels. Beyond its arid appearance, this region sandwiched between the Andes and Pacific Ocean captivates with diverse tourist attractions. Explore ancient civilization remnants, encounter vibrant marine life, and immerse in breathtaking landscapes for thrilling adventures or serene relaxation in the sun.

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