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The Coast

The Peruvian coast bordering the Pacific Ocean is mostly a long desert strip that stretches from the Tumbes Region in the north bordering Ecuador, to the Tacna Region in the south bordering Chile. This coastal fringe covers only one-tenth of Peru’s territory, yet it homes more than half of its population in large cities like Lima, the capital, Trujillo, Chiclayo, and Piura. Besides the constant commercial activity of these cities, the Peruvian coast features several tourist attractions such as mangroves with unique wildlife to beautiful white sand beaches with crystal-clear white waters; other spots along the seashore that may be considered “surfers’ paradises” and even ideal for sea life observation. There are also impressive historical archaeological sites along the coast and high-dune deserts for exciting sandboarding.



Peru's coastal region may appear as a long strip of desolate desert. Nevertheless, this arid region in between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean has several tourist attractions, ranging from amazing vestiges from civilizations to incredible natural havens teeming with marine life and awesome landscapes that make the perfect settings for thrilling activities or just for relaxing under the sun.

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